An effective effort to divert the patient is the protrusion of the perineum, opening of the anus, mechanism of labor, and at a later stage showing the progress of labor in the form of fetal head appearance every time the mother is successfully straining. Impaired partitions or congestion cause a high risk of infant mortality. The causes of stillbirth are one that is not advanced (19%). This study used a "cross sectional" study design to determine the relationship between breathing, the head of labor, and the age of the mother, with the effectiveness of straining to the mother. The population was all primi maternity mothers at the Bojong Nangka Tangerang Health Center and the samples were taken by accidental samplin, namely sampling by chance and met with interviews and observations. The results of the study were then analyzed by univariate and bivariate using the chi-square statistical test. The results showed that some (60.0%) were effective straining. In terms of maternal breathing in part (60.0%) it was not good, most (66.7%) of the leaders of labor were good, and most of the age (73.3%) were not at risk. And it is known that there is a significant relationship between breathing and the leadership of labor with the effectiveness of straining, while age is known to have no significant relationship with the effectiveness of straining. Suggestions for health services Puskesmas provide counseling rooms for pregnant women where nurses play a role in providing health education regarding pregnancy and readiness to face the delivery process, and it is expected that officers equip themselves with increasing knowledge and skills to carry out second-stage delivery care appropriately.

Published: 2019-07-26